The Rolling Programme

Instituted in 2011, this is an continuing series of one day seminars covering in detail specific aspects of Kiiko style acupuncture. Designed so that seminars can be taken individually as stand-alone modules or as part of the series, each day is an interactive blend of theory, demonstration and practical work. This gives practitioners the maximum opportunity to learn and experience this style and then integrate it into their existing practices.

The Rolling Programme is taught by Andy Harrop who has been teaching Kiiko style since 2001. He is an experienced and effective teacher and the only practitioner in Europe recognised by Kiiko to teach her style.

The Rolling Programme normally runs fours times throughout the year with classes in the spring and autumn. It is necessary to complete the Foundation course before attending the Rolling Programme.

Special discounts are available on selected items of equipment for participants attending Dulwich Acupuncture seminars.

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Previous comments from students:

“Very good balance of theory and practice, very enjoyable.” Dr. Van Der Velde

“The Practical approach is a perfect modality and addition to my clinical skills” Olivia Maxwell

“I very much enjoyed the course – Thank you!” Olivia Shaw

“Overall very structured course. Look forward to the next one!!” Lola Christodoulou

“I will be coming again to the future seminars” Catalina Bowes