Programme Overview

Programme overview

Our educational programme is a comprehensive series of postgraduate seminars for practising professional acupuncturists looking to study Kiiko Matsumoto style Japanese acupuncture.  It is the longest running programme for this style of acupuncture in Europe and aims to introduce practitioners to new ways of working and  fresh approaches to clinical problems. It takes a flexible approach to study and enables practitioners to tailor their studies to suit the demands of their practice and availability.

The highlight of our educational year is Kiiko Matsumoto’s annual two-day seminar. Kiiko Matsumoto has been teaching in the UK with Dulwich Acupuncture since 1999 and we are proud of our long association with her and our work to spearhead the introduction of her style of acupuncture to the UK and Europe. Now in its 21st year her seminar provides a unique opportunity to see a modern Master at work. Her lectures always include not only theoretical explanations from her own studies with Japanese Masters and the Chinese classics, but vivid practical demonstrations on patients that show how this style can be applied in the clinic.

In 2001 we held our first introductory course which was taught by Andy Harrop.  Since then Andy has developed a comprehensive programme covering all aspects of Kiiko style acupuncture.  The programme begins with a two-day Foundation course, which provides a complete introduction, covering all the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary to begin to practice this style. It is a pre-requisite for entry into the Rolling Programme.

The Rolling Programme is a modular series of one or two day seminars that follow on directly from the Foundation course.  Each day covers in detail a particular aspect of the work and specific allied conditions and treatments.  Like the Foundation course the Rolling Programme is taught in workshop style combining the theory with demonstration and practical.  Each seminar serves as a stand alone module and practitioners can choose those seminars that suit their clinical practice, or they attend them all to build up a comprehensive knowledge.

Many of our original students from across the UK and Europe continue to be avid followers of this style and regularly attend our seminars.

From the beginning …

1999 – Our very first Kiiko Matsumoto seminar – Imperial College, Hammersmith

2000/1 – Our First Introductory Courses – University of Westminster, Regent’s Street


2003 – Room 358 – University of Westminster, Regent’s Street

2004 – The Boardroom – University of Westminster, Regent’s Street


2005 – The Boardroom – University of Westminster, Regent’s Street


Previous Seminars

Kiiko Matsumoto

•  Chronic pain and scar problems
•  Spinal & structural treatments
•  Weak immune system
•  Blood stagnation

•  Birth trauma
•  Blood sugar imbalance
•  Kidney patterns
•  Spleen patterns

•  Gynaecology

Hormonal treatments in gynaecology
•  Pituitary treatment
•  Thyroid problems
•  Adrenal  imbalance
•  Osteoporosis

•  Heart problems

•  Digestive problems
•  Marrow

•  Respiratory system

•  Insights to the Classics

•  Heaven, Man & Earth

•  Gems from the Classics

•  Treating the bowel

•  Ren & Du Mai
•  Liver & Gall Bladder

•  Infertility & gynaecology

•  Problems of the head & neck

•  Treating the nervous system

•  Treating Wind pathogens

•  Hereditary, prenatal and pregnancy related disorders

•  Treating the Midle Jiao

•  9 Star Ki Hara Diagnosis – The Limbic System

•  Application of Master Kawai’s Diode Equipment

Rolling Programme modules to date

•  Structure – lower body
•  Structure – upper body
•  Pituitary & thyroid
•  Scars, fascia & magnets

•  Liver & Gall Bladder
•  Stomach and Spleen
•  Ion pumping treatments
•  Gynaecology

•  Kidney & Bladder
•  Heart & Small Intestine
•  Lungs and Large Intestine
•  Digestion (2 days)

•  The Endocrine system
•  The Heart (including Pericardium)
•  Ren Mai & Du Mai