Kiiko Matsumoto London Seminar 20th Anniversary

Kiiko’s annual seminar will return in 2020

Kiiko Matsumoto’s annual seminar provides practitioners with a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading practitioners and authors on Japanese acupuncture. Kiiko Matsumoto is renowned for her ability to synthesise her scholarly interpretations of the classical Chinese and Japanese texts with her extensive clinical experience to produce her own style of acupuncture.

Her style uses many unique points, point locations and indications and there are special treatment modalities, such as the use of the tiger warmer, thread moxa and magnets, which allows the practitioner greater choice and flexibility. In addition, patients welcome the use of thinner needles and correspondingly gentler needling technique used in this style. As a result, this style of acupuncture is steadily gaining popularity in the UK and Europe.

Each year Kiiko selects a specific topic and presents her own research into its classical foundations.  The weekend begins with theoretical explanations followed by Kiiko diagnosing patients and then presenting her clinical strategies for their treatment. The strategies and techniques that she uses will give participants new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the condition and allow them to leave the seminar prepared to apply these in their own clinic.

Special discounts are available on selected items of equipment for all participants attending Dulwich Acupuncture seminars.

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Previous comments from students:

“Wonderful day…Loved every second” Jocelyne Houghton

“Clinical demonstration was excellent” N.N

“Brilliant demonstrations. Can’t wait for next year”

“As usual Kiiko was brilliant” Martin Logue

“Notes get better year on year” Jess Birminham