Scar Treatment

Scars are an increasingly common clinical finding due in part to the growth of surgical intervention. Even old or apparently small scars, that have not healed properly, can be a major block to healing. Scar tissue interferes with the correct flow of Qi, obstructs the fascia, causes structural weakness and restricts blood flow. This commonly leads to problems not only at the site of the scar but in the associated meridians, organs or other secondary locations. It is also well known that scars hold not only physical but also emotional trauma.

Kiiko has pioneered the treatment of scar tissue as a way to unblock Qi and thereby complete the healing process helping symptoms that have not responded to other treatments. In her approach scars are always checked carefully at the initial diagnosis. If they are found to be reactive or to potentially linked to sequellae then treatment is considered. However, rather than initially applying direct treatment to the scar itself, treatment begins at selected distal points. Only after there has been very substantial reduction in the reactiveness of the scar will direct treatment be undertaken. Treating in this way is a powerful approach and allows any physical or emotional trauma to be released gradually, as well as the root causes for the poor healing to be properly addressed.