DiagnosisAt its core is Hara (abdominal) diagnosis. This diagnosis gives vital information about what is happening at the very centre of a patient’s energy.  To get to the root of the problem one must assess the condition of the root itself.  The foundation pattern for this diagnosis is the Five Element model of the abdomen found in the Nan Jing.  Overlaid on top of this classical foundation are other diagnostic areas or reflexes that embrace both an ancient and modern understanding.

Kiiko style uses a firm palpation of the Hara’s reflex zones to assess the patient’s core diagnosis.  Other areas of the body including the chest, neck and back are also checked as well as the pulse, to form a complete diagnosis.  Kiiko style then employs a method of direct diagnostic feedback to confirm the energetic changes taking place.  This straightforward method also allows the effectiveness of particular treatment points and protocols to be gauged and means that the patient as well as the practitioner is engaged in the healing process.  Many people who come to this style with a background in bodywork find this aspect particularly rewarding and most patients too find this closer interaction beneficial.