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  • Kiiko Matsumoto

    Kiiko Matsumoto Annual London Seminar – 20 YEARS! – 28th & 29th April 2018


    The Classics of Chinese Medicine are fundamental to the practice of acupuncture and the understanding of energy in the body.  Although inspirational, these texts can sometimes be obscure and difficult to grasp.  They require specialist knowledge of ancient Chinese, as well as the cultural and historical context in which they were written, to gain a true understanding.

    Kiiko Matsumoto is an acknowledged authority in the interpretation of these texts, in particular the Su Wen, Ling Shu and Nan Jing.  Drawing on over three decades of study and research Kiiko will present her profound understanding of these ancients texts and then go on to show how she has refined these hidden gems of knowledge to produce powerful and dynamic clinical strategies that can be applied immediately in clinic.

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  • Kiiko Matsumoto’s Clinical Strategies – Vol 1

    Kiiko Matsumoto’s Clinical Strategies – Volumes 1 & 2

    These two volumes an invaluable for any practitioner wishing to study Kiiko style acupuncture or for those looking for new and stimulating ideas and approached to treatment.

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  • Hara Diagnosis: reflections on the sea

    Hara Diagnosis: reflections on the sea

    A fascinating read from cover to cover this book contains a wealth of information on both the classical and modern understanding of acupuncture and the energetics of the body – from Hara diagnosis to the electrical properties of the meridians, from embryology to the Nei Jing.

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  • Five Elements and Ten Stems

    Five Elements and Ten Stems

    This book lays out clearly the classical theory of the Five Elements and their correspondences. There are chapters on Five Element and pulse diagnosis as well as many case histories and specific treatments of Japanese Masters such as Honma Sensei and Shudo Sensei.

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